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Using ID cards in your school

October 10, 2023 October 10, 2023

ID cards are a cost-efficient way to keep your school secure. Easily identify students and staff with ID cards worn on lanyards and implement visitor passes for guests.

Identity and security

Having staff and students wear ID cards with a lanyard can help you to visually differentiate visitors from staff/students and single out those who are not wearing a badge or potentially somewhere they shouldn’t be. With the Javelin Jack printer, you can also print photo ID images in colour alongside their names, adding an extra level of security!

Access control

You can manage access control to certain areas where entry is reserved for select personnel with our encoding upgrade. Not only can you restrict access to students and faculty, but you can also track who enters what area and at what time, giving an additional level of security. This is the perfect option for schools with expensive equipment, computer labs or hazardous materials in the science department or limiting staff members, such as custodians, access after school hours only.

Student cards can also act as access to student accommodation and campus events, saving you time by not having to issue additional tickets and keys which in turn helps reduce the waste produced by your school.


ID cards can also be used to track attendance more efficiently by using attendance tracking software and encoded Mifare contactless cards or scannable barcodes printed to the cards. Students are then able to scan their card on arrival so there’s no time wasted with a physical attendance list marking students off one by one.

Contactless payment

ID cards can also be used as contactless payment options inside school grounds. This removes the need for students to carry cash or bank cards around and allows parents or guardians to monitor their spending and top-up their cards when necessary. The cards can also be used as library cards, so instead of staff and students carrying multiple cards and keys with them they can have one card that does it all.

With a wide range of uses, and an expert Javelin team ready to help you every step of the way, the Javelin education bundle will no doubt be a perfect solution for the school. And even better, you can do it all without breaking the bank!

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