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Get to know your printer

Javelin Jack uses an established and developed printing technology known in the industry as direct-to-card printing. Enabling you to print full-colour images directly onto the surface of a plastic card to create vibrant identifcation badges and membership cards. The Javelin Jack's simple, erganomic printer features make card printing easy and ensure that you have all the tools to serve any card requirements that you may be faced with.

Javelin Jack direct-to-card printer

Key features of the Jack printer include: 

  • 300dpi printing
  • 22 seconds to print a card
  • Versatile upgrades with contact, contactless and smart card encoding
  • Small, compact, desktop-size footprint
  • Robust, rugged design to deal with day-to-day usage
  • Supported by an extensive Javelin range of approved ribbons only – for the best possible print finishes
  • Excellent warranty offering, with 3 years as standard – Can be upgraded to 4 or 5 years (Part of bundle)
  • Can be upgraded to have different plastic colours, labels and vinyl wraps (Part of bundle)

Checking my printer status

Your Javelin Jack printer will tell you its exact printing status using its LED indicators on its visual display board. Each LED indicator has its own unique colour which represents your Javelin Jack’s printing status.

If your printer requires assistance, please ensure that you reference your printer status to the techincal team – usually the problem is simple to solve and your printer status will help the technical team to diagnose your printer quickly.

Unsure of what to do? Please see our customer support page here and get in touch today with our technical support team.

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