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Food display and Price tag card solutions, approved by supermarkets and retailers

Don’t miss out on our price display bundle solution

Take a look at how the Javelin Jack worked for:

Moonflower (florist), Cobham

A local florist based in Cobham wanted to integrate a PriceTag and gift card system. Moonflower approached Javelin for an easy-to-use, cost-effective solution that could be deployed straight to their shop with minimal fuss or set-up time.

Their specification included:

• Price display labels that can be printed onto black cards
• Make the most of the machine by printing in full colour for gift cards and occasion cards
• It needs to be a simple printer set-up
• Easy-to-use software, with pre-designed templates
Good customer service so they can re-order more ribbons and supplies
Cost-effective – to have a small impact on their yearly budget

Using our 60 years of combined technical experience, we ensured that Moonflower has the correct printer bundle for the requirement. We specified the new Javelin Jack PriceTag printer bundle, which gave them all the tools necessary to start printing cards.

See how the Javelin Jack worked for Moonflower >

Display your brand, ingredients and allergens professionally

Stay professional with price display cards

Where would you use a price display label:

• Perfect for food outlets such as bakeries, supermarket deli and local butchers.
• Ideal solution for farm shops, breweries, smoke-houses and cheese makers.
• Florists can utilise display cards to inform customers of their different flower species.
• We’ve also seen uses for catering companies for mass food production.

Managing food hygiene and customer allergies can be challenging and time-consuming for your staff. That’s why we have created an ISEGA food-safe PriceTag bundle. Accompanied by the Javelin Jack card printer, you’ll be able to create professional-looking designs whilst easily managing produce prices, customer allergies and deli counter hygiene.

Our PriceTag bundle has been put together with retailers in mind. We want to ensure that you have all the tools necessary to deploy an effective price display system, without the need for additional expense or time wasted to collate all the right tools to create display labels.

Prictag description
Bakery display counter_1300

Maintain hygiene and customer satisfaction

Price display cards are an efficient way to keep food counters professional and informative. Better still, each card issued will comply with food safety standards so that if food comes in contact with the cards then it won’t contaminate them. Made from black PVC plastic, the cards once issued can be wiped and disinfected every day without the printed layer coming off and having to start again.

Utilise our PriceTag software and create the best designs:

• Have exclusive access to pre-made cards and nutritional templates (saving you time)
• Obtain internal allergen and clip-art style images
• Supports 1D and 2D barcodes
• Import your data from your management system
• Integrates seamlessly with the Javelin Jack
• Simple and easy-to-use interface with drag-and-drop features

With a wide range of uses, and an experienced technical team ready to help you every step of the way, the Javelin PriceTag bundle will no doubt be a perfect solution for supermarkets and delicatessens, even better, you can do it all without breaking the bank!


Flower bakery card comp 2

The modern way to display your produce

Simple, hygienic and effective

Hand-creating price display labels can be time-consuming, unhygienic and, in some cases, messy and unappealing. We’ve seen first-hand how handwritten, laminated paper labels can often disintegrate when regularly cleaned. Worse still, paper will stain or discolour over time, with paper fibres being dispersed and potentially contaminating fresh produce. Chalkboards can also fall into the same category if not maintained properly, with chalk dust falling onto food.

We don’t want you to waste time handwriting labels every week and risk contaminating food, instead, why not automate this process by using our Javelin Designer PriceTag software? Seamless to integrate, our PriceTag software teamed with the Javelin Jack will issue you professional, hygienic, and durable price labels from your store.

Customer buying habits
Based on current buying trends. Two-thirds of shoppers have said that they feel more confident in buying produce from an independent retailer where they can see the allergen or nutritional information clearly on display. Six in ten shoppers said that they find it hard to read the labelling/ allergies/ nutritional information when shopping at their local retailer.

Modern pricetags (1)

It doesn’t stop there!

The Javelin Jack has multiple purposes and is more than a price labelling solution. Jack can be utilised to help strengthen your brand and become another revenue stream for your business in multiple ways. Javelin Designer will allow you to create additional card designs for your staff and customers so you can make staff ID badges for access control or membership/ gift cards to help grow your brand and act as a pre-payment method for in-store purchases.

The Javelin Jack also has the ability to be customised so that it’s totally unique to your store. If your printer is in view of customers, then there’s no better way to express your store brand than by utilising our range of coloured plastics and custom vinyl wraps.


Supermarket printer card plus 3 cards

Create price display cards in your store

We understand that every shop is different, and that’s why you have full control over bundle configuration including the look of your printer with options to customise and upgrade. The PriceTag bundle from Javelin is the ideal package for supermarkets and local delis for those who are seeking a high-quality PriceTag printer. The bundle contains everything you need to create dual-sided, visual ID cards and will allow you to issue 250 cards (single-sided) or 125 dual-sided.

The PriceTag bundle comes with:

Javelin Jack – Single-sided printer
White – 1000 Print ribbon (ISEGA Safe)
100 Black cards (Food safe)
FREE – 1Hour tutorial
Javelin Designer PriceTag software
Selection of additional supplies to support your machine

We’ve created an intuitive experience which will allow you to start with our basic bundle package and upgrade it along the way! Like the other bundles in the range, you’ll be able to put your own unique stamp on the printer by adding your own custom vinyl side panel wraps.

Ideal for:

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