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Javelin ID Ltd
B1 Moorfield Point, Slyfield Industrial Park
Guildford, Surrey, GU1 1RU, UK

Tel: 0800 505 3828

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Register your printer

Don’t miss out, make sure you register your Javelin Jack printer to take full advantage of our warranty.

ONLY registered printers can benefit from Javelin’s comprehensive warranty and support package. Complete this form as soon as you receive your Javelin Jack printer in order to fully validate the warranty and benefit from:

  • Printer coverage based on your chosen warranty package
  • Immediate updates on your printer firmware and drivers
  • Access to basic support from our technical experts

Note: Unregistered printers will not benefit for the above services. Failure to register your printer may mean that you void any warranty or additional warranty purchased.

Don’t forget to maintain your Javelin Jack printer warranty with our cleaning kits which keep your printer mechanics clean, maintain print quality and reduced the risk of printer failure. Physical damage to the printhead caused by lack of maintenance may mean that your void the warranty.

Read more on our Warranty

How to find your Javelin Jack serial number and part number:
Look on the bottom of your printer. You should see the base plate which contains both the part number and serial number. Please see diagram below.

Warranty Registration Form

Please ensure you enter the printer’s full serial and part number to the warranty form. This must include `SN`0000000 and `JV`0000000 before your unique digit code.

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